Good to be Back

It has been two years since my last blog. So many things have happened during the last two years. But I just wanted to talk about yesterday, and catch up eventually.

I went to a group that meets on Wednesday mornings. This summer topics are derived from the favorite hymns of many great Christians and ministers. The speaker for this meeting spoke on the hymn “Make Me a Blessing.” This hymn reminded me of at least two things:

First, it reminded me that this hymn was the first music I learned to sing in my voice lesson. Ms. Helen Chen was my first voice teacher. She wanted to instill in me the desire of serving others, through my talent of singing, maybe! I was about seventeen years old. My talent of singing was discovered by a short term missionary in Hong Kong. He was sent to Hong Kong by the Free Methodist Church Headquarters in United States. Through his sponsorship, I took voice lesson until his one year was up and returned to United States. Ms. Chen, my voice teacher encouraged me to continue with my lessons, because one year of lessons just barely got me started. With her encouragement, I decided to continue taking voice lessons, off and on for almost ten years. I had three other teachers besides Ms. Chen.

Secondly, the hymn reminded me of my decision to dedicating myself as a servant of God by studying in a seminary. Even though I encountered great opposition from my father who was a non-believer at that time. He was greatly distressed and erupted his anger at me the night before my seminary journey. Somehow my mother woke up me early next morning and urged me to go before my father woke up. The first year of seminary study, students went home once a month. During that year, I was afraid to go home, I went to stay with my older sister instead. I prayed and asked God to bless me and make me a blessing to my parents and my siblings. From the second year on, I went back to my home every weekend. My father had calmed down after not seeing me for a year. Through prayers, God changed my father’s heart. During my senior year, my father saved a little bit of his breakfast money everyday to buy me a graduation gift. He and my mother were proud to come to my graduation. I along with my Christian siblings continued to pray for my parents’ salvation. After 20 years, when my parents were 70 years old, they accepted the Lord and were baptized. God blessed my siblings and me, and made us a blessing to our parents. God is gracious and merciful!




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