Eagle’s Nest – Germany

We took a trip to Germany and Austria. One of the sightseeing locations was Eagle’s Nest in Berchtesgaden, Germany. Eagle’s Nest was completed in 1938. It took only 12 months to finish the construction from the bottom to the top of the mountain. It was officially presented to Adolf Hitler by the National Socialist Party as a gift to his 50th birthday.



Eagle’s Nest was built up to rocky plateau. For tourist, after arriving at the bus zone, there is a 124-meter-long (406 feet) underground tunnel, bright lights shine throughout the tunnel, that leads to a 124-meter-long (406 feet) vertical brass-panelled lift which transports people to the mountain top.

The elevation of the Eagle’s Nest is 1834 meters (6017 feet) with the view up to 200 kilometers (120 miles).

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– Photos by Miriam Hurdle

18 thoughts on “Eagle’s Nest – Germany

    • It’s tour attraction. It has a dining area. But I don’t think it host big parties. 6000 feet high, narrow road to go up to the top. It is amazing. It was meant for Hitler to have meetings and a relaxing place. But it turned out that he didn’t show up in many meeting held there.

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    • Thank you. Yes, you are right. Knowing the time pressure they were under, and all the engineering involved, and almost like moving the mountain effort, it was a wonder of what human being could do. The view is breathtaking. It’s incredible, more then we could absorb. Wish could stay longer up there, but in a tour, had to meet the tour schedule!! Thank you for the comment.

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