Order Among Chaos

When we went to China a few years ago. It seemed that the highway was shared by cars trucks, and buses, of course. But it was also shared by motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles with heavy loads balanced on the wheels. By the first look, it was chaos. Yet I didn’t hear any honking. Everyone was able to squeeze through tight spaces without scratching other people’s properties. In that sense, there were unspoken rules among the chaos.




Weekly Photo Challenge:Chaos

Photos by Miriam Hurdle

9 thoughts on “Order Among Chaos

  1. Wow loved that title ORDER AMONG CHAOS. And nice pictures and thanks for sharing this experience, never visited China, but traffic and roads are similar in both China and India I guess, but here in metropolitan cities the honkings are bit more. Will keep visiting your blog.

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  2. That is awesome! Order among chaos. I think, there is a trust network among all drivers of different familiar vehicles. We will be in trouble if we try to drive there but people there already know the code of conduct. 😀 Have a wonderful weekend, Miriam.

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