Aromatic Garden

Clockwise: mint, lavender, eucalyptus, basil, and rosemary from my front and back yards.

My aromatic garden:

Mint tea for me, or mojito (mixed drink) for my husband.

Basil for cooking, such as tomato basil soup

Rosemary for garnish any dishes

Eucalyptus for a soothing bath

Lavender aromatic mist for moisturiser

I’m happy and relaxed with my aromatic garden.

Daily Prompt: Aromatic

47 thoughts on “Aromatic Garden

  1. Love your photos and your uses for your aromatic garden! Am wondering what type of lavender you grow? And how do you make an aromatic mist out of it? I grow french and english lavender and find that it’s harder to harvest the buds (maybe my technique needs improvement) but very easy to enjoy the scent from the leaves. But now you have inspired me!

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    • For bath, I just cut a whole bunch of leaves, bundle them with rubber band, hang them under the faucet and let the hot water run through the leaves. I have a 30 feet tall eucalyptus tree! I sometimes use eucalyptus sea salt for bath if I am tired. It helps to relax the muscles.

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