Christmas Village

We attended a Christmas party held at a Social Hall of a Retirement Condominium.Β  After dinner, before the Christmas celebration program started, we were invited to visit a display. It is a Christmas Village made with food ingredients. Chef Jesse has been making this village for ten years.

Jeff begins making the houses in September. It takes about 100 pounds of sugar to make the village, with each sugar house taking about a week to create (Some houses are recycled from previous years). The trees are made of colored, royal icing. The windows are made from gelatin. The snow is made with white icing. The mud is made from chocolate.

The village has 4 firefighters, 12 dog figurines, 18 houses, 43 benches, 48 trees, and other details. A train continuously goes around the village.

Jeff is a very talented Chef. His creation of the Christmas Village is appreciated by the residents as well as guests.







58 thoughts on “Christmas Village

    • I have a 14-piece set of ceramic village. some pieces started to break, so I stopped putting it up a few years ago. It was fun when everything was working and with all the lights working. Since we spend time with my daughter and her husband in Portland, Oregon. I don’t decorate my house too much anymore.

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