Thank You! 1000 Follows!


This is so overwhelming! I’m very thankful to have received 1000 follows (1007 right now).


I want to name every one of you to say “thank you,” because you mean so much to me. Well, I picked some posts that show your “likes” but WP doesn’t show all the faces. Even if your face is not shown, you know that I THANK YOU!!




164 thoughts on “Thank You! 1000 Follows!

  1. Congrats!! I just ound our blog. That is amazing and I hope soon I am able to et where you are. Having hat much support and people wanting o read what you write is definetly a blessing:)

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  2. Congrats! Am I the 1001 follower? Your blog is very interesting! I look forward to reading your travels. Spain looks beautiful and we have a friend there and hopee to go one day. I have some of my own travel (Italy so far) stories on my blog along with my food. I am also a Christian and mom of two toddler boys. Nice to meet you.

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  3. Oh, you are a sweetheart, Miriam! Congratulations!! This is a wonderful accomplishment. So glad that your presence is touching so many — you are a blessing ❀ Love to you and to all of your followers, Miriam.


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    • Thank you, Debbie. I’m better in writing than speaking, even though I was a teacher, administrator, and counselor. I only speak if I have to. Even in my writing, I don’t go on and on…Blogging is a good place for me to write just enough of what I want to say. I’m glad I have readers like you who want to read my writing. When I did my doctoral study, one fellow classmate did say that, I don’t say too much, when I do say something, everybody listens. I think I learned a lot from my emotional and physical (illness) suffering and had a lot of time thinking about things and asked God to speak to me and He did, so I gained insights!

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    • It comes in the same place where you receive notifications for likes and comments and follows. For the ‘like,’ it send out for 10, 20, 50, 100,200, 1337, then stop. For follows, after 200, 500, then 1000. It only appear in one day. So you have to catch it before the turn of the day, it won’t stay the next day. I monition the number of follows, so that I could see it when the 1000 shows up. I do a ‘control’ ‘print screen’ and copy on Publisher and enlarge it. I copies the ‘200 posts,’ but your blog stat gives you all the counts, so help you to know when the notification will show up.


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