Our Love

Hi my friends,

Ritu at But I Smile Anyway is hosting a Loveuary for the month of February. You’ll find the rules and prompts here. You may participate daily or as much as you desire.


My first contribution is the way I define love between my husband and I.


                                                                         Love is…

Love is a gift I give and receive.

Love is being kind and being honest.

Love is forgiving and to be forgiven.

Love is self-nurturing and self-sacrifice.

Love is being strong and being vulnerable.

Love is admitting and receiving apologies.

Love is my expression to him and reception of his.

Love is caring and being cared of.

Love is respecting and to be respected.

Love is self-growth and allows him to grow.

Love is to be firm and be flexible.

Love is patience we have for each other.

Love is a balance of feelings and responsibilities.



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