Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitude



Everywhere, I hear noises and voices

I quickly answer and respond

Every day, I receive demands and comments

I rush to comply and improvise

Every hour, I see needs and pleas

I passionately land my ears

The momentum is like a snowball

Where to stop, no idea at all

Once in a while, unplug my self

To be away from the

Noises and voices

Demands and comments

Needs and pleas

And land myself in solitude

Where I could attend my voice and

The voice from above, to

Reacquaint my inner self

Refresh my private thoughts

Re-lubricate my soul

Rejuvenate my energy

Reignite my spirit, so to

Return to the world, and

Be in better Service

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitude

  1. These days with social media, one is never “alone” or in solitude. The notifications on your mobile devices keep beeping as new messages/posts come in.
    Then in our city lives there is really no quiet solitude either with all the traffic, bustle of people, TV/music coming from all surrounding apartments. Its actually quite noisy…
    This explains partially why we like to get away sometimes to our timeshare in Phuket where the only sounds are birds chirping and occasional monkey howl in the distant. That’s the best solitude for us at this time!

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