Tuesday Photo Challenge – Mirror

In August, 2016, as part of our 20th anniversary celebration, we took a trip to Spain. The architecture in Spain is magnificent. Many structures have rich history and heritage. I include two photos that reflect the mirror images of this week’s challenge.


Puente de Alcántara, 13th-Century Moorish Bridge, Toledo, Spain.


Gardens of the Partal Palace, The Alhambra, Granada, Spain.

31 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Mirror

  1. I’ve visited the Alhambra twice, can you believe the first time I actually missed the main patio. I think I was too in love with my wife then and we just didn’t realise we were so besotted with each other ( not that we are not in love now). The second time I saw it though because I was with my parents. It was pretty impressive. What did you think of Granada?


    • It’s lovely to hear your beautiful love story with your wife! It’s so precious that your attention was totally captured by your love for each other. Well, in addition to Alhambra, we went to other museums and walked on the streets where there was shade above. It was so unusual. We also went to the shopping areas and saw lots of colorful items. What I like the most is the architecture. My husband likes dark chocolate, I found some made in Granada. Oh, I love opera. Placido Domingo’s signature song is Granada!

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