Daily Prompt: Tremble


When I was in my late teenage, the pastor of the church discovered my singing voice. Once a month, he asked me to sing solo during the communion service. After it went on for a couple years, when the churches had combined meetings, I was the featured soloist. I remember the first few times of singing in front of large audience, I was frightened to death. My body had uncontrollable violentย trembling. My knees were shaking, hitting each other. My upper and lower teeth were vibrating. My shoulders to the fists were shivering. My heart was throbbing. I tried to tighten all of my muscles to hold still.

When it was to my turn to get on the podium, I looked at the audience. I tried to find familiar faces. When I saw some, I smiled, and then my trembling stopped. I nodded to the pianist to signal him to start. Once I started singing, the trembling stopped. I had the song memorized, so I sang through the whole song with expression and with smile on my face.

The same kind of fear of large audience happened a few more time. As I continued to sing, the confidence was increased. I frequently sang solo in church combined meetings, weddings, and college annual concerts. I joined theย Hong Kong Oratorical Society for years until I came to the USA. We had two performances and one TV broadcast each year. We also traveled to Southeast Asia countries for performances. Those were my memorable years.

Daily Prompt:ย Tremble

67 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Tremble

  1. I absolutely love singing and sing with our small church group as well as having sung – only once, a very long time ago! – in a mass choir performance of Handel’s Messiah (which is also one of my favourites ๐Ÿ™‚ ). But I totally lack the confidence to sing solo. I hate the ‘all eyes on me sensation’ and I also had a fair amount of criticism when I was young. Well done you for being confident enough to break through the fear. Now my teenage daughter has started singing lessons and I’m really encouraging her to sing in front of others as she has a lovely voice and it may in turn bless others in due course.

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    • How I love to hear the echo! Music is a different kind of language. I always say music speaks to my soul more than spoken language. You must have a great voice to sing Messiah. It gets quite high in some notes. I’m glad to hear your daughter has a lovely voice and started singing lessons. A right size church would give her the opportunity to sing in front of the audience. I didn’t get many chance singing solos after I started going to a huge church, too many talents already. But I go to a different group that only perform Messiah annually. Thank you for sharing!!

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  2. I had a very traumatic experience with my Grade 2 teacher in Math. This caused me a lot of trembling moments with anything related to Math until I reached the university. With this aberration for this subject, I knew I had to excel in something else. That is, be excellent in English communication skills which had always served me in good stead anywhere I go. It’s the foundation of my success in every endeavor I put myself in. By the way, you must be really musically gifted, you’re blessed!

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    • I guess I love music. I sang some great music such as Brahms’s Requiem, Elijah, and some Cantatas. I know what you had experienced with the math teacher in grade 2. It casted a doubt in you, whereas my grade 1 teacher said I was bright, I believed it, and it helped me throughout my life. So I was very sensitive to my students when I became a teacher 30 years ago. It;s good that you found your strength and excel.


  3. Another great post. Thank you for sharing. They always say people, in general, perform better when there is a significant other, family, friends and etc in the audience to show support. I am always nervous when it comes to participation and presentation. OMG! But, I always get through. Thank you for sharing!

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  4. Yes that’s the feeling we get to, even after years of making presentations at large business meetings. Its that sense of trembling at the unknown, about how the audience will respond to you that keeps us shaking…but you are right, with experience and time we learned to take that in our stride and even joke about it with the audience!

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  5. I still have stage fright myself getting in front of large crowds still makes me tremble. The last time I spoke at church I was shaking so bad that my pastor teased me afterwards that he almost went to find a rubber band to tie the Microphone to my hand because I was shaking so much he thought it was going to fly. Thankfully I am so short that only those on stage could see me shake since the podium hid me.Thanks for sharing this

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