Seriousness of Rainfall

The news reported the seriousness of the heavy rainfall in Northern California. The following newsclips show the difference in the last three days in Oroville, California. Nearly 200,000 people were evacuated around Oroville Dam.

There are 68 miles between Oroville and Sacramento, and 368 miles between Sacramento and Los Angeles. As of this afternoon, February 13, 2017, Sacramento County wasn’t expected to be affected by increasing flows from the Feather River into the Sacramento River.n-ca-dam-1


Daily Prompt: Seriousness

28 thoughts on “Seriousness of Rainfall

    • We watched the news, it looks like they are doing something to patch the damage. I saw at least one caterpillar with long arm, and some people putting big rocks and cements in. Pray that the rain will stop long enough for them to do the repair!!


    • Susie, I was sorry for the damage of the dam spillway and caused evacuation. I pray for the safety of people. It seems like it didn’t affect other cities. We welcome the rain. Half of our front lawn was dry and brown. After it rained for weeks, we decided to put some seeds in the lawn. I see the tiny grass peeking out already. I’m going to plant some flower bulbs soon. Yes, I thank God for the outpour of blessings.

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    • Oh, so sorry to hear that. Yes, the news video looks scary. The spilled waster was so powerful. I hope the nearby cities have emergency shelters and that they have home insurance to cover some of the loss. But the personal, sentimental items… I hope they could take as much as possible and still can get to safety!!

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