Squatting Positions

Daily Prompt: Squat

Due to the chronic swelling of my legs and thighs, I’ve gone through physical therapy a few cycles. Part of my exercise is squatting. When I had the personal training at the gym, interestingly, it started with squatting. Therefore, I have been doing squatting for many years. The benefit shows on the bone scan. My hip bone scored 110% compared to women of similar age. I asked further how to interpret the score. The doctor said that my hip bone was strong and was equivalent to a young adult. It was less lightly that I would fall due to the strength of the hip bone.

It was a great encouragement for me to continue doing yoga, in addition to other exercises.


43 thoughts on “Squatting Positions

    • Thank you! Yes, my personal trainer didn’t explain how to do it. My knees hurt for a long time, but the yoga instructor did a good job coaching, so I didn’t have any problem squatting! Thank you for o=your comment!


  1. Useful post. I’ve been doing squat exercises for a while as I’d had a knee injury a while back and I realised how inflexible I had become in my legs. I have read elsewhere that people in the East have less arthritis in hips/knees than those in the West due to squatting ……………. good to know that your tests show up a positive result 🙂

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  2. Love this! Good for you having such a strong hip bone! Squatting is so good for you, especially when done right. I really love that you included a picture of keeping the head neutral, knees behind toes. I have to remind myself of these exact points when in different classes. I’ve seen this in pilate/yoga, weight training, stretching after spinning, even kickboxing. I’ve seen many do this wrong too, and it makes such a big difference. Thanks for the reminder and for posting!

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    • The first time I signed up a class with a trainer at the gym, he asked me do squat without any explanation. I think I did it wrong and my knee hurt for a long time. long time after that, the yoga instructor reminded us every time we did a squat position. She even went around and corrected our knee position or back position. So I try to remember, and alway look into the mirror to check my position.


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