The Shower of Blessings

Angel.Getty image from Google

I had a secret question.

I couldn’t talk to anyone.

I asked for an angel to come to my rescue.

To my surprise, he arrived in disguise.

I didn’t share too much in a public place.

He shared his right at my face.

He told me his decision and the consequence.

Right at that moment,

I recognized the angel’s presence!

I couldn’t help but saying, “Thank you!”

My question was no secret to you.

You knew it before I had it in my mind.

Your answer came in the most precise time!

Through the angel for me you assigned.

I left that place with an answer and a peace of mind.

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11 thoughts on “Angel

  1. Just lovely – I’m not a believer as such … I believe in people that make a difference to people that need help. They have my faith. But that doesn’t mean that I reject any religion … so long as we are happy in our beliefs. This is a lovely post.

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