WPC – The Road Taken


The challenge this week reminds me of one of the multiple trips we took to Maui. We always rent a Jeep to drive around. My husband loves to go on the Road to Hana. The previously drives were enjoyable. He doesn’t mind driving through the narrow unpaved part of the Road with the cliff on one side. Somehow during this one trip, the drive turned out to be different.

We started out in a sunny afternoon, enjoyed the ocean and the cliff scene. When the road turned narrower with thick trees, it started pouring rain. The rain was so heavy that the windshield wiper didn’t go fast enough to show a view of the road. We knew that we had not yet passed the point with single lane and no visibility of the oncoming cars. Drivers use honking, and caution driving to get through. Sometimes one car has to find a tiny shoulder to stop and let the other car go by. We worried about the safety to go through that part of the road in the rain. I looked at the map and tried to estimate the distance behind us and how much further we would have to go. It looked like we were in the middle. Turning around was as hard as going forward. We knew that the hardest part of driving was coming up; there should be a town after that. My husband decided to keep going. I was sitting tight, praying for safety. Fortunately, we passed the “no visibility” point before dark. Then we drove in the dark until we got back to the condo.

As soon as we saw the smoke from the sugar cane factory, we knew our condo was very near (the sugar cane factory photo was taken during the day).


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken


57 thoughts on “WPC – The Road Taken

  1. I officially have a thing for waterfalls now. Really amazing photos.
    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog… i already said that in my reply there.
    Just felt like saying it again.


    • Yes, you have a better description – driving blind. It was scary. Good thing that the raining didn’t happen at the narrow road with the cliff on one side. On a sunny day, we got out to the edge of the cliff, I glimpsed two cars at the bottom, with one wheels pointing up. When I tried to see it again. It was so windy, couldn’t go out far enough to see them again!! Exciting drive but scary at times!


  2. We also drove that road when we stayed in Maui. Kids still talk about it. Beautiful. We had to ignore the “No rental agreements valid past this point” or something on that order. Of course we kept on going!😉

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  3. This was just beautiful. And I love it when you said, “I was sitting tight, praying for safety.” 🙂 Doing just what you were suppose to do in times like that. Thanks for this and the pictures are gorgeous. God Bless you 🙂

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  4. My husband and I have been to Maui only once. We tried to drive the road to Hannah but it was so crowded that we turned around long before the section of road you describe. Maybe we will try again someday. Your photos are beautiful!

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