Weekly Photo Challenge – Wish


My husband and I live in southern California. My daughter and her husband live in Portland Oregon. There is 1,000 miles in distance. We visit each other several times a year and go places together. My “wish” or “desire” has been that we live closer together. We could just hop over for dinner. We could have a game night until late, and still not too far away to get home. We could go for a walk and talk about everyday life. With technology, there’s no limit to send a text, get on the phone, or skype. Yet, there is nothing compare to being close by and able to do thing spontaneously.

Photos: Portland airport, Japanese Garden OR, Laguna Beach CA, Multnomah Fall, OR

Japanes garden 1

Laguna Beach 1

Munlmah fall 2


Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

61 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Wish

  1. Indeed…there is something magical to be able to spend spontaneous moments with your child’ I think about this quite a lot as we prepare to move to our farm. My husband is retiring this month. The distance is only 2 1/2 hours and I know that we will want to be in the city more…when our daughter and son-in-law have children!

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  2. Awesome photos! hard to decide which one is prettier. And I understand your wish… We are blessed to live only 10 minutes away from our only daughter and it does make a difference. We used to live in different coasts! That was hard…

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