Weekly Photo Challenge – Atop Views in Australia

My husband was born in Australia. When we started traveling, our first destination was Australia. I did a post on our travel highlight to Australia. In this post, I show a view atop of Port Douglas and Β a few views atop of Blue Mountain in New South Wales and one along the coast line.

Port Douglas 2

Port Douglas 4

Port Douglas 5

Port Douglas 7Port Douglas 6


Weekly Photo Challenge:Β Atop


49 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Atop Views in Australia

  1. Wow, it’s so beautiful there! Lovely to see a bit of contrast with the open fields and craggy rocks vs the gorgeous beach (which is often what first comes to mind with Australia rather than the greenery). x


    • We climbed a few hundred steps on a staircase to get down there. My husband’s aunt who was 80+ at the time climbs faster than I! There is a railing at the bottom. I raised up the camera to take the photo of the green of the distance view. Thank you for liking the photos!


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