Nights of Slumber

Elixir sleep 1

Many of my sleepless hours were the consequence of the chemotherapy and surgery. One health question resulted from another. At least the cancer was deadly, and the insomnia is manageable. The elixir of lavender and eucalyptus has induced calmness and nights of slumber. What a wonder!

Daily Prompt: Elixir

55 thoughts on “Nights of Slumber

  1. I was curious have you ever tried melatonin? On some really rough nights with my severe itching of eczema these past 8 yrs, I got used to sleeping with my I love it & his voice so calming. You read the Bible through in a year, audibly of course. And at the end there are prayer request you can call and or hear others’ requests. I hope you are doing much better. How long have you been going through this battle?


  2. Oh I have never heard of this! Me and members of my family suffer from a sleep disorder and this is one thing we have never tried! Although I am allergic to all fragrance I’m not sure how I would do but they possibly can try this


  3. It’s not fictional?
    We almost lost you?
    That can’t happen. Not yet. You’ve still got billions of lives to inspire with your posts and pictures and yourself.
    So, keep fighting, Miriam.
    Glad the sleeping issue has been handled though.

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  4. Oh man! Thank you for reminding me that I have a humidifier! I’m currently suffering from insomnia due to my medication change–it’s been rough!😫 I will definitely get some lavender and eucalyptus oils tomorrow and try this. Thank you!

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  5. I am so glad the essential oils are helping you sleep. They are wonderful. I love the Australian Bush Flower Remedies too – if you can get them where you are. They can really help with stress, fears and insomnia. They don’t interfere with more conventional treatments either.

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