Happy Easter to You and Family

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Recording from 2015

Christ Is Risen from EvFree Choir and Orchestra!


10 thoughts on “Happy Easter to You and Family

  1. Happy Easter to you.

    I call this my Chocolate Day πŸ˜€

    I am not very happy, I have just sat & written a post of my own giving a different point of technique, but with the same outcome as in your poem I commented on earlier, I was just reading through one last time, & the app crashed & it has lost it all! To say I’m not amused is an understatement!
    I will redo it, I can’t right now as I am really struggling with my eye, no idea what on earth is wrong with it, there’s been a few things happened with it over the last 4 weeks & now i cant see right, it feels horrible – almost as if it is swollen, & is watering like mad, so struggling to look at the screen.

    Have a lovely Easter Sunday xx

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      • It’s 2.40am here, & the only choices are emergency drs (no way of getting there & back) or accident & emergency at the local hospital, I would struggle to get there too, & Saturday night, British bank holiday weekend….. People will have gone out drinking more than they usually do, so a&e Will be overflowing with drunk idiots, wasting limited & overstretched nhs resources because they can’t control themselves…….Yet according to our wonderful government it’s people like me, terminally ill, been disabled & ill for a while now sadly, & I am amongst a few other groups such as immigrants who the government blame for the nhs having no money lol 🀣 I would have saved them heaps if they’d listened to me more than once. So sorry I got ranty on you, the short answer would have been no, lol x

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