Home and Now-Home

Our latest travel was Spain. It was a wonderful experience. It makes us think of “where next?”

2017.04.26 wonderlust 12017.04.26 wonderlust 22017.04.26 wonderlust 32017.04.26 wonderlust 4

Roots originated in a land

Thousands miles from where I stand

Driven by innate wanderlust

Travel all over the world I must

Chances to visit foreign soil or home

Yet yearn to return to my NOW home


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

Daily Prompt: Roots

68 thoughts on “Home and Now-Home

  1. Hello Miriam. Ah Spain – my home 🙂 Toledo is just up the road from me!
    I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful country…I fell in love with Granada and the Alhambra when I visited last summer- such a special place! looking forward to planning another summer holiday now! Take care. Carly


    • Oh yes, it’s a lovely country. I love all the architecture and all the history. I can spend the whole day just in Alhambra. I tilted my head up to take photo all the time. I lost my group because they moved to another part….. My sister-in-law and her husband went to Spain twice, now I know why!!

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  2. We would like to visit Spain and have talked numerous times about planning a trip. One of my teacher friends is from Barcelona.She came to the United States to teach as part of a program to hire bilingual teachers. She thought that she would stay a few years, but fell in love and married! She has been here for about sixteen years, but goes back to visit once or twice a year. The pictures that she has shown me after her visits are beautiful…especially the beaches! The Spanish that she speaks is quite different!

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