Tuesday Photo Challenge – Street

Frank’s theme this week is Street.

When I first watched the movie “The Italian Job,” those narrow streets fascinated me. I was so impressed by the drivers maneuvered the Mini Coopers through those narrow streets.

Our trip to Spain allowed me to visit those narrow streets. Some streets did have cars going up and down, except that the pedestrians must be very attentive when cars going through.

street 1street 2

street 3street 4

This street took us to The MosqueCathedral of Córdoba also known as the Great Mosque of Córdoba.

street 5

In Valencia, we had an afternoon free. We were roaming on the street to find a restaurant for an early dinner.

street 6

We were on this street before visiting the Cave Houses – houses that are constructed inside of caves.

street 7

street 8 Frank at https://dutchgoesthephoto.net/2017/05/23/tuesday-photo-challenge-street/


73 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Street

  1. My Dear, This was a great post! Loved the streets. Yes, You and I had the same reaction to those driving scenes in the “Italian Job”, good movie!

    I just wanted to let You know how very much I am indebted to You for the Poem that resulted from Your “Tunnel of Music” and Your inspirational and gentle nudge that ended up in me writing ” A Special Time With Him”, the poem about My Dad. I have scheduled it for posting on Friday the 16th. I hope You will take the time to come see what Your blessed encouragement helped bring to blossom!

    Bless You My Dear!!!!

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    • Yes, I wonder if they are from the ancient time. Many of the cathedrals in Spain are built inside of the Muslim structure – they kept the shell, rebuilt inside. There are many Roman structures left also. The modern streets may not have those characters I think!

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