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Firework is legal in China. In fact, gunpowder is China’s ancient invention. Fireworks are used as part of the celebration in occasions such as Chinese New Year or opening of a new store business. One of our trips to China was to visit relatives in rural area. My husband and my siblings decided to play fireworks. They spent US$10 and got a whole shopping bag of all kinds of fireworks. The more expensive one was the rocket design with 13 tubes of gunpowder strapped in a hexagon shape.

Upon ignition, the rocket was catapulted straight into the sky so high that we almost couldn’t hear the explosion. My husband was impressed by the powerful display. He was thrilled and played until the last piece of fireworks was spent, because fireworks is illegal in our city in U.S.


Daily Prompt: Catapult

Daily Prompt: Impression

24 thoughts on “Fireworks

    • Oh good, I know some countries still use fireworks. Disneyland has regular fireworks as their shows. We live 10 minutes drive from there and hear to fireworks every night. Because of the dry weather and fire, the cities try to control the chances of fire!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! We can shoot fireworks down at our farm, but not in the city! If we are in DFW for the 4th of July, we go to one of the large fireworks displays! By the way…I forgot to tell you that my homemade pizza was delicious! Your husband needs to cook something else!!! And then my husband will have to keep up!!

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    • Haha, good to hear that your husband mae pizza and will keep up. My husband is changing his diet due to diabetes, he blended kale, carrots, tomatoes, celeries and mixed berries together to make smoothie, because it’s easier to take in that much fruits and veggies in drink rather than in cooking. So he took over the cooking, basically. Hooray….!

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      • My husband has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I would have thought that he would be highly unlikely to have diabetes…he has never been overweight and is healthy and eats mostly correctly. His numbers are good right now and he is close to borderline., but he needs to keep it that way. We are going to a nutrition class for diabetic patients at a downtown hospital. The spouses are invited to participate and I have really enjoyed it so far. We have learned so much! Now I need to tell Mike about your husband taking over the cooking!! Competition!!

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  2. The child-like joys that fireworks can induce 🙂 Your post takes me back to my childhood when I used to make fireworks with my father using a certain kind of gunpowder mixture. Once one of the pieces exploded on my father’s hand and it was such agony for him for days. That was the end of our making them but we continued with the tradition of bursting them with zest every year during a certain festival.

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