Tenderly Love


My dad loved my mom very much. In their mid-eighties, my mom had many health problems. She had cataract with both eyes, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and Alzheimer disease.

The time my mom needed to have cataract surgery, my dad took her to the doctor. Her eyes were so hurtful that she couldn’t comfortably open her eyes to walk to the bus station. My dad was holding her hand, guiding her step by step. When they were boarding the bus, my dad held my mom’s hands and walked backward to board the bus, at the same time, cleared the way for my mom to get in.

Eventually, she was hospitalized for her other major health issues. My mom didn’t like the hospital food. So my dad brought homemade food to the hospital and fed her twice a day. His tenderly love toward my mom was so touching to my heart.

In their generation, they didn’t verbalize “I love you!” What my dad did to show his love toward my mom was worthier than ten thousand words!


Daily Prompt: Tender

81 thoughts on “Tenderly Love

    • Thank you, Hazel! I’m glad to her that your parents are the same. I think I have to be giving unconditionally especially to my loved ones with 100% without expecting the same in return. Hopefully, eventually they show the same to me.

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    • Hi, Mary, thank you for your comment. I appreciated my parents commitment to each other and showed their love in action! Different people show love in many ways. Wish you blessings and happiness! Miriam


    • Thank you for your comment. My parents did show what true love they had for each other, and I’m grateful to have observed! Yes love is broad and means many things to many people!


    • Yes, it seems like the older generations had greater commitment to each other. One choir member’s wife was in coma for 8 years. He visited her everyday referring her as his bride. We went to her service and sing. It was a touching moment!

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    • Yes, Suzanne, I admired my dad for the way he cared for my mom. If she didn’t have Alzheimer disease, my dad wouldn’t “steal” some time to visit me in US. I appreciate your comment, Miriam


  1. You gave an amazing Dad. That’s so nice of him to cook and bring her food. A taste of the home she she was probably missing. Can she see a lot better after her survey? I hope so at least. So maybe she can read a bit if she feels up to it!

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  2. Lovely post. Aren’t we lucky to have parents who love one another. Mine did very much but unfortunately they died young. My mom from a brain tumour at the age of 53 and my dad four years later of a heart attack. They didn’t get to see their grandchildren which is very sad.

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    • My son-in-law’s mom died of brain tumor about that age three years ago. She missed seeing her grandkids. My daughter is expecting in September. My dad worked too hard to run back and forth between hospital and home, he had a stroke as a result, and passed away 8 months later at 86, my mom passed away 4 months later at 90!

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