Thank you for Your Support

Dear Friends,

I have been having trouble with my site link.

I made a slight change of the site link. The old link is now Inactive. My Gravatar is under my old username and I CANNOT BE FOUND under my old link or Gravatar.

My OLD link is

My NEW link is

You may click the new link and FOLLOW my new site again, or

A BETTER way to do is copy my old link and paste to your Reader – Blog Followed, when it shows up, click off the green following, it will turn blue – you UNFOLLOW the old link.

To have my new posts come to your Reader – copy and paste my NEW link and paste to your Reader – Blogs Followed, click on the blue Follow and it will turn green and change to Following the NEW link. Then my new posts will come to your Reader.

I spent three days to compile the profiles of the blogger friends who have access to my new link. They are in the following photos. I appreciate several of you contacted me and made the changes.

The blogger friends whose profiles are not in these photos, they couldn’t find me. I will try to contact them to let them know what happened to my link.

I could pay an annual fee for WordPress to redirect my site from the old to the new, but I will try to make my own contact I choose that option. My purpose is for my friends to be connected to my new link instead of being redirected.

Sorry for the trouble. Thank you, Miriam ♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥




77 thoughts on “Thank you for Your Support

    • Oh how glad I am to see you again. I spent 10 days to fix problems. My old, empty link entitled “Do not Follow this Blog” is getting 30 people followed. I don’t understand. Once I see most of my mutual supporters back, I’ll turn on the “lock” for the old blog – turn to private for a while before I delete it! Thank you for coming back!

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  1. It’s really neat how you put this post together. 🙂 The collage of photos is pretty. And three days to do it – wow!

    I haven’t had trouble finding you; for some reason, your new blog link emails me with new posts. I’m glad – I would have missed you!

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  2. I tried the method with the new link in the reader and I got an error message. It seems like I am already following you, which I was. So I guess there was no issue with following. I am not sure. If you don’t show up in my reader I will let you know.

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