Nutrition Benefit

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 My husband Lynton and I have changed our diet since April 24, 2017. What a difference it makes in our health! He wished he had the knowledge about nutrition and how it affects our health in the early years.

Lynton was diagnosed with prediabetes several years ago. A nutritionist was assigned to him for discussion, along with attending some nutrition classes. He then just mentally avoided eating too much sugar. He didn’t have a specific nutritional plan, except eating less carbohydrate and sugary food.

I have no concern about my diet. I am a quasi-vegetarian, in that, I am not an official vegetarian but crave for vegetables naturally. I can do without eating meat and not missing it a bit. When I do eat meat, I could eat two or three ounces.

During the last lab test, Lynton’s blood sugar level got bumped up to the low level of diabetes. Both of his parents are diabetics, so this lab test raised his concern. He diligently watched YouTube videos on nutrition every night for many weeks and then decided to change his diet.

Ever since April 24, we have freshly squeezed orange juice from our tree, rather than processed juice, plus tomatoes and eggs for breakfast. We have the vegetables and mixed berries smoothie for lunch and dinner, and add salmon for dinner several times a week.

Prior to changing our diet, whenever Lynton watched TV in the evening, he would be snacking off and on all night. After we changed our diet, he has no craving for snacks or sweet. This is a great revelation to him. He monitors his blood sugar level with the home test kit. So far, his blood sugar level has been below 110 and is as low as 97. He feels more energetic.

We now have two happy campers in our house!


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78 thoughts on “Nutrition Benefit

  1. This is great, thanks for sharing!
    It’s so good to hear that your husband’s health is better. Diet is so important when it comes to health. I recently stopped eating meat and I was so shocked at how better it made me feel.
    It was only after changing my diet that I realised how tired I was and how unhealthy my body was. Ever since I stopped eating meat, I sleep better, my anxiety has improved, I have more energy and I’m in a better mood.
    It seems like your diet is mainly vegetables and protein base – do you have carbohydrate such as rice or bread? This is something I still struggle with. It took me a while to cut out meat but I still managed to do this – but carbs is my weakness!
    Keep up the awesome work and check out my page too! 🙂

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    • We keep the carb to the minimum. Too much carb elevate my husband’s blood sugar. I’m not big on carb, I have one piece of bread the most. Many days I don’t even have bread. Thank you for your comment!


    • Oh thank you so much. We have been to Sydney. I bought several pieces of black opal, came back to US to have them set in pendants. I’m wear one right now with a 14″ chain. We went north all the way to Caine and Cape Tribulation. My husband was born in Australia.


    • We have been doing it for five months, no intend of stopping it. the mixed berries have frutos which is natural sugar without process. We put carrots in, that also have natural sugar. I think we are okay with sugar. Thank you for your reminder!!

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  2. Yummy! I think it gets easier when your gut bacteria changes after a few weeks without sugar…eating in front of the TV is a massive problem for most people too! Nice to have an orange tree! Best wishes from Wales, UK

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    • Oh hi, nice to hear all the way from Wales, UK. We only went to London and Somerset. Yes, my husband is getting used to the green drink and not craving sugar. But once in awhile, he had a homemade pizza with lots of cheese, his blood sugar spikes. He has to stay out of too much cheese also! Thank you for your comment.

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  3. That’s wonderful that you’ve been able to see such great improvement in your health in such a short period of time! No matter what kind of drugs or vitamins that scientist create, they are no substitute for God’s creations of fruit, vegetables and nuts. I read an article entitled “Ways to Improve Your Health” some years ago. Here’s a link –

    Over the years eating right has been a struggle, but now I’m vegan and can’t ever see myself eating fatty unhealthy foods again.

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    • Yes, I can see good results in my husband. As my daughter said, fatty food, and cab food burn fast, so people want more. But veggies burns slowly, my husband is not snacking during tv time anymore. He lost weight, gains more energy. Thanks for the link!


  4. That’s wonderful Miriam! It’s amazing the difference good food can make to our wellbeing. I liken it to taking in God’s light and filling myself with positive vibrations. By the way, if you are quasi vegetarian, it’s so easy to take the next step to becoming vegetarian or even vegan. I’m having great fun discovering recipes online for healthy, fresh, (unprocessed) vegan meals. Good luck to you and your husband. What lovely photograph of you two. Anita.

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    • Thank you, Anita! My husband was vegetarian the first 10 years of his life. Now my daughter and son-in-law have been vegetarians for 10 years. I get great cooking when I visit them. They like cooking and always try new recipe to make eating fun! Thank you fro your comment. Blessings to you. Miriam


  5. I used to e a sugaraholic!!!! We hired a nutritionist for my daughter and had to throw out all sugar from the house. It took a few months but now I have no craving for sugar at all. We make smoothies and have scrambled eggs too! Not my daughter because she is vegan but I eat eggs and love them. Happy to see your new blog 🙂

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