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There is no such a thing as perfect parenthood

Who is the paragon of father or mother

Claim to have a one size fits all formula

Children are unique and special

Have different talents but same potential

Minds like sponges, soak in as much as available

A secure environment and loving care

Could bring out their creativity and the best

What they would have become

Does not totally depend on us

It takes a village and the Almighty to raise a child

In the end, we just ask for wisdom and do our best


Daily Prompt: Total

Daily Prompt:Paragon

Daily Prompt:Create


76 thoughts on “Parenting

    • Thank you so much. I’m very close to my dad. I admired him (he passed away 14 years ago). He had a green thumb and I love gardening. I’m influenced by his love of reading and constant exercise everyday even at the age of 85.
      So, dad is very important to kids to be their role model!


    • Yes, it takes time to develop. I’m with my group for 28 years. Now my daughter and her husband have been with their group of friends for 10 years from dating to marriage to parenthood. They’ll continue to stay together.


    • Yes, my village that help raised my child continued to be supportive, and sent gift to my daughter who is having her baby in 6 weeks. Our village have been with each other through thick and thin for 28 years!


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