A Tribute to My Dad

Dad had a chance to come to U.S. visiting us two years before he passed away at the age of 86. My brother John and his wife Peggy accompanied him. John bought him a folding wheelchair to make it easier for transportation.

There were two things that Dad did consistently throughout his life. One was exercise. As early as I could remember, he got up in the morning, stretched for half an hour before he went to work. At age 84 when he came to U.S., he did the same. He got up while we were still in bed, and did his stretching for half an hour.

Another thing he did was reading newspapers. I started reading newspapers at fourth grade because my dad read newspapers. We traded sections of paper to read. I read all the sections in the newspapers, sometimes the news were horrible but I read them anyway.

As soon as my dad arrived at our home for his visit, he asked for Chinese Newspaper. Fortunately a Chinese community was twenty minutes’ drive away. I bought the current day plus some of a couple days old newspapers. That’s how the Chinese bookstore keeps them. Dad noticed the dates. I admired him for keeping up with current events at his age.

I would say that these two areas were some of Dad’s strengths and they definitely made a good impact in my life. I’m health conscious and keep up with my exercise. I also have become a life learner.


During Dad’s stay, we went to some local attraction such as Huntington Library. We also went on two bus tours. One took us to Grand Canyon, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Utah. Another one took us to San Francisco, Seven Miles in Monterey Bay, and Yosemite.

Dad had a great time. He expressed the interest to move to U.S. to stay with us had Mom passed away first because Mom had many major diseases. Upon his return to Hong Kong, Dad was so excited to talk to the neighbors about his visit.

Mom’s diabetes, heart problem, Alzheimer’s diseases were getting serious and required to be hospitalized. Dad went to the hospital twice a day to feed Mom with homemade meals. I wrote a post of how Dad took care of Mom. It went on for many months and took a toll on him. He had a stroke and had the right side of body paralyzed. He lost his speech, and only communicated in writing with his left hand. I went back to Hong Kong and visited him in the hospital. At that time, Mom was back to the retirement home. We made arrangement for Mom to be on wheelchair and visited Dad.

After eight months of struggling, Dad just wanted to go Home. His heart was failing. Before he passed away, my family and church friends were by his bedside, singing hymns, reading scriptures and praying. He then closed his eyes and followed the angel and went Home peacefully.DSCF0098

Dad, I love you very much. I’ll see you in a better place, someday very soon!


53 thoughts on “A Tribute to My Dad

  1. A beautiful remembrance of your father, Miriam! I just came home from a weekend spent with my almost-81 year-old dad who lives about 90 minutes away in the Sierra Nevada foothills. He recently lost his first-cousin, a year older than him, and although he seems to be OK with this, he seems a tad depressed. He also is active but his mild COPD is taking him down slowly but surely. I resolve to spend as much time with him as possible when he will be called Home.

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    • I’m sorry to hear that your dad has COPD, yes, it’s good that you could spend as much time with him as possible. Probably his lung capacity is reducing slowly. I’m sure his health care professionals will let you know when it comes close. My son-in-law spent 6 weeks full time with his mom’s last moments. She had lung cancer. I pray that your dad will feel better soon after his loss. I’m sure he enjoys your company. Blessings to you and your dad!

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  2. What a wonderful tribute for a man who sounds just marvelous! Your dad was a very handsome man and I’m so glad he got to visit the States. He inspires me to stretch in the morning. It would be really beneficial for me and if he could do it at 86 there’s no reason for me not to do it!

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    • That’s how I feel. If he could do it at 86, I could do it too! He doesn’t skip a day. He and Mom lived in a retirement home, but he still had a flat transferred ownership to my brother. He wanted to exercise. He walked half an hour home to do laundry! He is very frugal. I learned that from him also!

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    • Yes, we did. I was so glad that he did. He always wanted to come. Before my mom’s Alzheimer’s disease got worse, she didn’t want my dad to be out of sight. Eventually she didn’t know the difference. So my dad came. I’m so happy that he came. It was so cute. I took a photo of him and my husband, he was at my husband’s waite. I couldn’t find that picture!

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  3. I’m touched by this post Miriam!
    One thing is clear all your strength came from your parents. You are lucky to have loving and caring parents. I’m sure your wish to meet him at some better place will get fulfilled. We all meet our loved ones there.
    How is your mom now? A great family bond is what I could see from here. God Bless You All!

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