Paper or Paperless

Go paperless! Every time I get online to pay bills. A dialogue box popped up first, ask if I want to switch to paperless. So I click “no.”

I pay bills online or put them on autopay. As far as the billing statement, I still want to receive paper statements and file them in their categories by month. I like to spread them side by side to do comparison.

My husband subscribes paper magazines. One magazine stopped printing and switched to online subscription. That was the one he stopped the subscription. He likes to turn the pages.

Many of my friends, especially the ones who are in the Book Club, prefer paper books rather than e-Book. There is something about the scent of the book, the touching of the pages, and being able to write a few notes or underline some sentences.

We are not killing as many trees, but paper still has precious value.


Daily Prompt: Paper

22 thoughts on “Paper or Paperless

    • Yes, that’s very important. With my bank, I can go back more than two years. I had another bank account for my small business, it only shows last month and current month online. I won’t go paperless for that bank for sure!

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  1. I prefer paper. If these companies want us to go “paperless” I would suggest they start by not sending me junk mail everyday offering me ways to save money. My internet asks me to go paperless, yet every other day they send me an envelope full of paper, explaining how they can save me money and to call them now. ??? I always think, what a waste of paper and how much all this thick fancy advertisements are costing them, well costing me, since the money they spend comes from me lol. Then there’s postage to mail it to me. Save money and trees, stop sending me junk, and just send my bill. 🙂

    I’m sorry back on topic 🙂 I prefer paper, and paper books, and paper magazines. There is nothing better. No pop ups, no internet connections lost, or go back to the eBook and it wasn’t saved, or a few pages in have to charge up a battery.


      • at this point of time, we cant deny our over-reliance on paper. but it shouldnt give us the excuse to waste and not recycle them. use but use mindfully. i’m not sure if that’s the correct way to see it. maybe u can share your thoughts on this. haha. *rambles*


        • I know that my phone statement used to be 22 pages long listing all the calls. Right now just 3 pages listing the charges for 4 phones. If I want the full statement, I go online to get the pdf file. I don’t mind at all. I can download the pdf. I’m running out of storage for the old statements. My husband said even legal documents only require 7 years of record. The Edition Co. for electricity went ahead to go paperless. I didn’t cry about that. It seems like I’m doing okay on both. I’m online everyday anyway.

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