Weekly Photo Challenge – Travel Photo Collage

In the year 1998, I was promoted to be a 12-month school district administrator from a 10-month teacher position. Administrators had 22 vacation days a year, plus 10 days of personal or sick leave.

During my time of working, we were able to acuminate vacation days as many as we wanted. Some administrators acuminated enough days to retired one year early and received pay for the last year as vacation time. Some would cash-in the vacation days. I used some of the days for travel and saved some. The district policy had changed later on. Administrators being hired after a certain year, the vacation days were accumulative up to two years. They either used them or lost them.

Well, after I graduated from my doctorate program in the year 2000, with more than six weeks vacation time a year, my husband and I have traveled to quite a few countries and states. I started to get the dates confused. I decided to make a collage for each travel, and hang them on the wall as a quick reminder of where we have been. It works well. Here are some examples.






Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage

74 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Travel Photo Collage

  1. You do get around, don’t you.

    And if you will forgive me correcting your post the word you need is “accumulate”

    (of a plant or animal structure, e.g., a leaf) tapering to a point.

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    • Thank you so much for the correction. I did the editing and found a few more thins. It’s Nice to have you around to watch out for me. I tried to be careful not to post anything with misspellings or missinforformation. Thank you again. I appreciate it.


  2. SO AWESOME Miriam. I love these collages – perfectly matches the photo challenge 🙂 Seems like you and your husband had some amazing vacations. Love that.

    Blessings and Love to you both, Miriam — Debbie 🙂 (and big smiles!)

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