Flowers at Sunset

My flowers always have my frequent visit. As the sun was going down, it created a different light and shade around the flowers. A different kind of beauty.

flower at sunset 1

flower at sunset 2

flower at sunset 3

flower at sunset 4

69 thoughts on “Flowers at Sunset

          • Hi, Miriam. Thanks so much for buying my books. I hope you enjoy them. How exciting that you’re going to publish your book! I self-publish mine through Amazon’s CreateSpace (paperbacks) and KDP (eBooks). It’s been a fantastic journey. My husband and I lived in CA from 1997-2001 (Edwards AFB and Lompoc). We thoroughly enjoyed our time in California. Have a wonderful week in classes and with your writing. ๐Ÿ™‚ xo

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            • I noticed the CreateSpace. Does it have to be print ready? I took a lot of pictures of the same doves and same squirrel in my backyard over a two-year period, I’m thinking of putting them together for a couple books with stories for children. I taught for 14 years before doing administration. I published children’s book in Chinese when I was in Hong kong. About 10 years ago, I took a writing course for Children’s literature. I’m also writing my memoir, and wrote a whole bunch of poems. Taking poetry class right now…

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              • Here’s the link for CreateSpace I publish my print books here first and then prepare a copy for eBook versions. YES, the books need to be print ready, but the sites have all sorts of options for you to choose from for your books. There are also options to make your own book covers. Personally I prepare my books using Adobe illustrator (with illustrations) or Microsoft Word for text only.To get started (for free), I first signed up for an account and then had access to valuable publishing experts and ideas. A poetry class–how fun! Enjoy and have a fantastic day, Miriam. ๐Ÿ™‚ xo

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                • Thank you for the link, Bette. I’ll look at it and may have more question later. Everyone in the poetry class has many books published already. I’ll have 8 pages in the next Anthology. Then we buy our own book, money will be donated to the school program. It’s a Osher Lifelong Learning Institute held at State Universities. I heard that 26 states have that program – for the semi-retired and retired folks. xo

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    • Thank you, Cee! Some of the lilies didn’t show up this year due to the drought. I water as usual, but the dry hair zap the moist faster than the watering! My hubby will put some pipes to allow the water go deeper into the soil. Our grass died fast, but my son-in-law has to keep up with mowing the lawn!!


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