Edible Garden


Edible 1

Edible 3

My garden is a sanctuary where I’m

Amazed the Creator’s beauty

Dig my fingers into the soil

Making connection with earth

Water it until it’s moist

Enjoy the harvest of edible garden

Several hundred Valencia Oranges

Love the squeezed juice for months

Abundant Santa Rosa Plums

Consume some and share some

Bundles of Flame Seedless Grapes

Grow faster than I can pick

Dozens of Delicious Red Apples

Still in green, are not yet ripe

Heartfelt thankfulness for

My delightful edible Garden

Edible 4

Edible 5


Daily Prompt: Edible

88 thoughts on “Edible Garden

  1. Wow, you truly have an amazing garden!!! Lovely photos. Enjoy! I have questions about your soil if you have any tips for me as I try to improve my gardens soil. I just wrote a post about it on my blog if you would like to help! Thanks!

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    • Let me say this. I previously owned a brand new house – new development in a border of a dessert. The soil in the backyard was clay. We started mixing the clay with chicken manure. The the topsoil was the soil used for potting plants. After planting, water accordingly. And add fertilizer accordingly. Some are for roses, or citrus, or all purpose. I spray the orange and fruit tree often, so not just depend on the water from the soil. The heat may get the fruit dry and fell prematurely. That’s all I have done so far. Hope it helps!


    • Thank you so much! We benefit 4 months of fresh orange juice, and a few hundred plums. The grapes are not doing too well. I’ll try something different next year for the grapes. Thank you for reading!


    • What a good timing to ask me that question. It’s almost like a confirmation to me of what I’m thinking about doing. I’m amazed and thankful for your timely question. Now I know I’m on the right track. I talked with one blogger back and forth about that. The original hostess stopped hosting. So another blogger and I will start our own 52 weeks… I’ll host it, she is the co-host, and fill in when I’m not available. I need to find out m pingback works properly. One of my participation of challenges didn’t go to the hosting site even 5 attempts to submit. Somehow she didn’t get it. So the next few day, I’ll do a testing post with her. Then we’ll start in 1st week of August.

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    • Thank you Sharon! It’s been very hot. We painted 80% the house. Just finished painting last night. Now I need to recuperate before putting things back. I was going to continue my own “52 Weeks of Thankfulness” but I picked other prompts and challenges to participate. How have you been doing?

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      • Oh wonderful Miriam. We’ve been visiting family in Georgia then set off for Florida. I thought I would blog, but really did not have time. And to be honest. It was nice to just hang out with family and visit old friends. I plan to continue my 52 Weeks of Thankfulness this Friday. But I think I’ll switch gears a bit and simply provide a photo with a small quote from now on. I’ve done some, but I plan to continue that way. This way I can work on a few projects too. We’re happen to be painting the inside of our house. Lol.

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            • Sharon, sorry, your comment has been sitting in my spam. When I started, in addition to Bernadette’s logo, I also post my own logo. To me, it gives a reflective mood. But we can share ideas, you may want it to be more cheerful. Shall we do it on Thursday? We can still use “52 Weeks of Thankfulness” and add Thursday. 52 weeks to me means year round, it doesn’t mean end at 52nd week. So we don’t have to count Week 1, 2…
              What other ideas do you have? We can start, and invite people to join. But then it means either you or I will host it and have a round up on Wednesday listing all that join. We don’t have to do round up if no one joins.


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              • I remember your logo now…yes, that will work perfect;y. I love reflective thinking, and the image is lovely. I can invite people, and will we be sharing their blogs as Bernadette did or simply listing their sites? I know she used the Frog Link, but I would have to do more research on that…a quick search just brings up “Frog Blog.” And that may be a bit time consuming for me at this time. They could simply make a comment in the weekly blog invite that shares their “weekly” blog. We could keep as that or “reblog or “wordpress” their blog to the host site–which may encourage them to share as it simplifies where to read all the shared blogs.

                It seems best to have one site to host the blogs if we are sharing them as Bernadette did and the other person to help steer people to the host site. I am okay if it is your site. I am certainly happy to co-host and could “fill in” with commentary whenever you may need me to and if you want to have me as a guest blogger. Or this can be vice-versa as well. What do you think? Should we simply list their blog or share the entire post?

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                • I think simply list their blog is fine. I participate a lot of challenges. Frank from Tuesday photo makes a couple sentences commenting each post. Cee doesn’t make a list. Other participants can check on the pingback if they want to see other posts. In fact most of the hosts just leave to pingback in the comment section without doing anything. A dew hosts comment on my entries. One host didn’t even acknowledge my entry. So there wide spectrum of ding it.

                  I don’t mind hosting it, simply my site has more viewers that I have built up. You could be both a guest blogger and co-host. I have to test the pingback. Frank moderate the entries then approve the pingback. Cee doesn’t moderate, so the pingback shows up the same time as my entry goes to the comment. After we do it for awhile, we can make it part of wordpress. The Tanka I’m doing, the host makes it part of wordpress, so is Cee’s photo challenges.

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