Shallow Thinking


(Fictional illustration)

“My brother had a motorcycle accident yesterday. He was taken to the hospital, but didn’t make it,” Alice told her boyfriend.

“Yes, riding motorcycle is dangerous. From 2004 to 2014, there were about 4000 to 5000 deaths per year in motorcycle accidents,” he tried to respond to the news.

** What do you think about his answer? What would you say to her?


She is a noisy person, too busy talking and doesn’t have enough time to think. Her thinking stays shallow, never gets a chance to sink.

He is a silent person, too busy thinking, the thoughts are so complex and deep that he doesn’t know where the talking should begin,

Well, these are the two extremes of a wide spectrum; there is always something in between.


Daily Prompt: Shallow


37 thoughts on “Shallow Thinking

  1. I totally agree with this thought. I am a strong advisor of deep thinking and usually always talk and write about it. The idea of taking a second to analyse what is happening and try to link it to previous events is , for me personally, a necessary step to acheive a decent self composure, when faced to a problem or a question. A person that applies this will not even have the time to talk excessively so automatically will acheive an inner silence and an outer wisdom.
    Thank you for this inspiring post.

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  2. I was just about to say my condolences and I saw your reply above. Very relieved your brother is fine. I did have a friend who died on a motorcycle. They are dangerous but more so to motorists who don’t see them.

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  3. I’ve experienced this with very close people in my life. I used to get “offended” but now I realize people can only respond to their own level of depth. I truly believe that sometimes people do not know how to handle difficulties and so they blurt out whatever comes to mind in order to brush it off. They can’t deal with any of it. I always wonder however, because difficult times happen to all of us at one point or another, how are they ever going to handle their own trials? Great post Miriam!

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  4. I like these two examples which actually show how many of us are these days.
    The first one is so indifferent and passionless and the accident of his friend’s brother is just one of every day news, no more! But no wonder some people these days are taking selfies with their dead relatives or picture them and share on social media!

    The second is also so true, some people just talk because they like talking and most of their talking is useless! They are really too noisy, with no thought or intention to listen or understand the other they are talking to.

    And thanks for sharing this post,
    All the best,

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    • Thank you for your comment, Nahla! With the cellphone and social media, people have less time to interact face to face. Some people just don’t know how to talk with other people. I saw two young people on a date in a restaurant, they didn’t talk to each other, the guy started doing thing with his cellphone, the girl waited, after awhile, she also took out her cellphone to do things on the cellphone. Poor people!!

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  5. That would be too shocking of an answer to respond, unless she knew the BF wasn’t capable of responding appropriately to tragic events.. Some people blurt out the worst things unwittingly because they have a hard time dealing with tragedy..

    The noisy woman has a far less chance of hearing, than the silent man has of speaking.. 😉

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