Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in August – Y2

“It is time for another PICK A WORD theme. Here are the words to choose from: Setting, Nubilous, Motley, Growth, Nautical     

I hope you’ve enjoyed my selection of words and images.  As usual for this theme, you can do one word, or more or all five. It’s up to you.” – Paula

I decided to pick two words. My favorite subjects of photos: sunset and moving clouds.

sunset 1
Setting in Huntington Beach, CA
sunset 2
Setting a little more before calling the day
cloudy 1
Nubilous – cloudy above my house
cloudy 2
Nubilous – clouds piling up, going somewhere

jupiter najnajnoviji

Paula at Lost in Translation: Thursday’s Special – Pick a Word in August Y2

29 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in August – Y2

  1. Hello Miriam 🙂 That’s a fantastic pointing sun beam in your first two images, like the arms of a clock 🙂 and these are my favourite types of clouds. Very nicely captures. Thanks so much.


    • Thank you! I know! We talked about that – taking photos of the sky, the clouds, pointing the camera at the sky following the clouds (which may not be safe), and we love to do that. I had such a hard time picking!!!


      • Oh I bet you did. I have so many. Yeah I MAY look at the sun a little too much. Maybe. A lot. I took my first panoramic photo of the prairie in the post I just did about searching for alligators. I was soo excited. Dead set on finding an alligator to photograph and none presented! So I went back to my old standby which nver fails. The sky!

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