Thursday’s Special: Oddball

“Here is another Thursday’s Special photo challenge. You have a week (by next Thursday) to post a photo (or several) of an oddity of some kind.” – Paula

I would like to show you a video but my blog theme doesn’t accommodate videos. The best I could do is to show you a series of clips from the video. The oddity of experience was the out of ordinary expectation.

My husband is a helicopter pilot, even though he has not flown for twenty years. On our trip to San Diego, California, we visited the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum. After viewing the aircraft exhibit, he wanted to do the 360o simulation flying. When he was inside of the “jet,” he thought he was having visual simulation when he swirled sideways and upside down. Only when I showed him the video, he then realized that the “jet” physically swirled 360o horizontally and vertically. He was actually upside down in the “jet.” He seemed to go wild with his flying to a point that the staff came to make sure the “jet” did not malfunction!



Paula’s Thursday’s Special – Oddball


14 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Oddball

    • Thank you, Paula! Sorry for the late response. I have’s checked the spam folder for weeks. I wasn’t sure about the post and was going to make a second post which was funnier, but let time slips by! ♥*♥*♥

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