Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hour

“I’d like to challenge you to document an hour of the day in your image(s), in a way that captures some of the essences of that hour.” – Frank

Yesterday afternoon, my son-in-law Will put baby Autumn in the “front pouch” carrier on his chest and went for a walk. My daughter Mercy had a tough night feeding Autumn. I went with Will for the walk so that Mercy could take a nap.

The weather in Portland, Oregon is changing. The trees started to show the beauty of autumn. One tree is quite indecisive, only half of the tree changed the color. The other half seems to be lingering. Another tree has pretty red, orange, yellow, and green colors. The green would soon disappear as cold air increases.

The nearby park is surrounded by huge acorn trees. The ground is a haven to the squirrels this time of the years. They eat some and hide some away to prepare for the winter.

hour 2

hour 1

hour 3

hour 4

Frank’s Dutch Goes the Photo: Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hour

34 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hour

  1. That was a lovely thing to do, a new mother needs time away from baby to bring peace to your soul, a very trying time, for a first-time mother.
    Happy days, special blessings to a new grandmother. Cheers!

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  2. Hello Miriam. What beautiful colours and trees. The squirrel is super cute. I am sure Will and Mercy are very pleased to have you with them while baby Autumn is getting to know her surroundings for the first time. I remember feeling constantly exhausted during the first six months of my sons’ lives. My parents were already deceased, my sister lived far away and I didn’t have a lot of help from my husband.


    • It must have been very hard. Yes, feed the baby every few hours in the first si months. How old are your sons now?
      My daughter was born premature, so the hospital took care of her for 9 weeks. I went back to work already when she came home. I didn’t have any help either. My family is in Hong Kong. My ex’s family is in Oregon. I have many younger siblings so just tried to remember how I helped to take care of them and depended on my instinct. My ex only caused me grief, let alone being helpful.
      I’m so glad I could be here for my daughter. My husband is supportive of my being here. I go home in 8 days. I’ll see if they want me to turn around and come back to stay a few more week.


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