Weekly Photo Challenge – Variations on a Theme

When Mercy was in 5th grade, she and I took a ceramic painting class at a ceramic wholesale shop. It was a hobby we both enjoy and continue to keep. Several years ago, we had a mother-daughter outing and went to do ceramic painting. When we took the class together, my first project was painting the grey bottlenose dolphins. I’ve developed the fondness toward dolphins and have various collection of dolphins.

We are also delighted to watch live dolphins in different occasions. On one of the vacations in Maui, my husband went diving and swam with the dolphins. On another vacation in North Carolina, my husband went diving and we were so happy to see a school of dolphins up close.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Variations on a Theme

    • Thank you, Cee. Dolphins are lovable creatures. The owners of the wholesale business retired several years ago. The ceramic painting shops these days are very limited to what I want to do. They sell pieces including painting and glazing at the shop, then pay separately for firing.
      I do have one place to go to make ceramic from clay and so forth!!


  1. Beautiful photos Miriam and such a great sunshine story. I love Dolphins too,
    Very much. Have seen them near on sea crossings and noticed how many people
    delight in watching them. Interesting.
    As you can see I have chosen a Dolphin ( Delphini) for my Gravatar.😊

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