Photo Challenge – The Call of Spring

We planted some Date Palm Trees in our front yard fourteen years ago. They are now mature and leafy. I enjoy sitting on the front porch, breathing in the cooler air, and watching the flowers in my garden. They are awakening to answer the call of spring.


awakening 1

awakening 2

awakening 3

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40 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – The Call of Spring

  1. I wonder why the 14 years. It took 14 years for my camelias to bloom and they finally did this year. It took 14 years for this one flower I have to bloom. 14 years must be a good amount of time to bloom and flourish!!!!beautiful flowers.
    Weren’t you recently ill? I can’t remember. If so I hope you are well now

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    • Thank you, Kim, I was going to post a “before” photo of 14 years ago, but I don’t want to confuse the theme of the challenge. My daughter likes my garden, I said I just did something each year, what it is now is the fruit of work done, and I’m enjoying it. Thank you for your comment.


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