June 21: Flash Fiction Challenge

June 21: Flash Fiction Challenge – Not All is Lost

This week, Charli shared her experience of falling in the snow. She described herself as letting go, down and down.  I could visualize her falling, but not panicking. How beautiful it is that she just relaxed and let go, go with the fall. She got up with a helping hand. What a good example of community support.

It could have been worse if we fall and struggle about falling. It’s not easy to let yourself fall, physically or metaphorically.  During my cancer treatment, I was down to skin and bone and my life was failing. I too let go of my responsibilities and accepted help from my community to let my body heal and recover.

It’s a Matter of Getting Up

It was early December 2017, the Thomas Fire in Ventura County, California devoured 307,900 acres and 1,300 structures. 230,000 residents described the wildfires in the neighborhood as a war zone. Smoke stretched 1,000 miles across the Pacific.

By Christmas, residents came back to their burned home, found pieces of displaced family photos. They pinned them on a bulletin to find owners. Some put up Christmas trees, decorations to bring cheer to the neighborhood. Strangers hugged each other and shed some tears. Homes and belongings were gone. Yet not all is lost. They wanted to rebuild and be neighbors again.


Charli Mills – June 21: Flash Fiction Challenge

33 thoughts on “June 21: Flash Fiction Challenge

  1. Miriam, I’m glad you have come back from the fall of cancer. After we fall, it seems like we are left with a limp so to speak — like lymph-edema. I’ve been telling my friend that it will be different, but okay. Your flash captures the devastation and humanity of the fires from last year.

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    • Thank you, Charli. The lymph-edema almost cost me a physical limp, but I have been going to the gym for many years and now my husband makes sure that I go workout with him. It helps with the circulation.

      My friend’s son is teaching in the area. He stayed behind to help the students and families. It was stressful for his wife taking the three kids driving on local street (freeway closed) for 120 miles to come stayed with my friend. She just pressed on. Yes, we know some of the faces being affected. I admired their spirit.

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    • Yes, I learned so much about accepting help those days. It was not easy because I always play a role of strong and helping person. I just came back from a 3-day writing conference, learned a lot about ghost writing, especially in helping others write their memoir. I have to catch up with visiting blogs.

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