Writespiration#124 52 Weeks in 52 Words Week 29


“This week tell your story using dialogue only.” – Sacha


“Teacher, teacher, Jose said a bad word!”

“What bad word did he say?”

“The word you didn’t want us to say.”

“I told you not to say many words. Which one?”

“You don’t want us repeating to you either.”

“Well, how do I know it was bad? Say it!”

“He said F-a-r-t.”

~ ~ ~


100 Word Wednesday: Week 28 – Heirloom

Credit: Image by Bikurgurl

Oh, heavenly! What a gorgeous shop! My annual Ladies’ High Tea is coming up. They always came in lacy dresses and fancy hats, and admired my decoration before finding their seats.

I’m the third generation who inherited this exquisite Vintage Royal Albert Heirloom Bone China Tea Cups & Saucers, plus serving plates, and cream and sugar set. It’s delightful to look at them in my China cabinet. It’s equally thrilling to keep them alive by using them annually.

Ah, I spotted a center piece! The ladies will enjoy the Tea Party! After all, it’s a fund raising activity for the missionaries.

~     ~     ~

Bikurgurl’s 100 WW – Week 28

Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 54 – Lion Cub

Kiwinana’s Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge for this week is “Domesticated and Wild.”

The following photo features my husband’s niece, Erin Long. She went to South Africa on a business trip. During her free time, she went to the zoo and pet this lovely lion cub. I teased her say, “Are you doing a ‘Born Free’ Sequel?”

Erin n lion 1

Born wild lion cub

Protected by lioness

Woe, heartless poachers

Left young cub sad and helpless

Domesticated in zoo


Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge, Week 54: Domesticated & Wild

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Huge Yellow Sun

 Frank’s theme for this week is “Yellow.”

I usually read Frank’s Challenge in the morning, then find inspiration for my post. On Tuesday late afternoon, coming home from shopping, I saw the sun going down. The sun was unusually big and projected an intensive ray. I rushed home and grabbed my camera, drove to a closest hilly area to take the sunset photos. This was the first time I captured a yellow sun with intensified orange ray in the sky. It was such an amazing moment to behold!

sunset 1

sunset 2

sunset 3

sunset 4

sunset 5

Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Yellow

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Edible Garden


Edible 1

Edible 3

My garden is a sanctuary where I’m

Amazed the Creator’s beauty

Dig my fingers into the soil

Making connection with earth

Water it until it’s moist

Enjoy the harvest of edible garden

Several hundred Valencia Oranges

Love the squeezed juice for months

Abundant Santa Rosa Plums

Consume some and share some

Bundles of Flame Seedless Grapes

Grow faster than I can pick

Dozens of Delicious Red Apples

Still in green, are not yet ripe

Heartfelt thankfulness for

My delightful edible Garden

Edible 4

Edible 5


Daily Prompt: Edible

100 Word Wednesday: Week 27

Image Credit: Nicolas Picard

“Cities are getting better in designating areas for skateboarding, and mountain biking. Clubs could organize competitions.”

“Yeah, I remember the days when No Skateboarding signs were everywhere.”

“True, I remember those signs! Some kids rode their skateboards and looped up and down on my driveway.”

“Mountain biking has the same problem! City kids are not close to the biking trails. It’s hard for them to practice!”

“It’s dangerous for them to ride the bikes and hop around on the streets.”

“I was so please that the city council listened and open this mountain biking park! My daughter is in competition!”


Bikurgurl’s 100 WW: https://bikurgurl.com/2017/07/12/100-word-wednesday-week-27/