Plumeria Flowers – Watercolor Painting Challenge

Carolina at posted a Watercolor Painting Challenge on June 14, 2017. The deadline to submit is on June 30, 2017. She took some photos of beautiful Plumeria Flowers. She challenged the watercolor lovers to make a painting out of her photo.

I accepted her challenge and created this watercolor painting today. Enjoy!

Plumeria flowers

Carolina  is an artist. She has different categories of arts and photography on her blog. Please visit her

Plumeria Flowers and Watercolor Painting Challenge


Cocoons – Butterfly

The Shower of Blessings

Daily Prompt: Transformation

butterfly watercolor

  • Watercolor painted by Miriam Hurdle


Where are you, Lord?
I'm everywhere, I'm here with you.
Help me, Lord!
I'm all powerful. Here's my help.
It's so dark. I can't see.
Here's my hand. Follow my lead.
I can't move. I'm weak.
I'm all mighty. I can carry you.
I feel something......
I know.
I see a dim light!
I'm coming out! 
That's right.
I'm different! It's transformation!
I see.
I'm beautiful.
I made you!

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I Am Astonished with Delight

Never Too Late to Learn Something Brand New!

I am retired several years ago, but keep active in many areas. I try to keep a good balance of my activities:

Spiritually – I enjoy my daily devotion and contemplation; attend bible study groups to feed my inner being.

Mentally – I read. In fact, I find interesting in reading my husband’s several men’s magazines. I write. When thoughts come, I write on the back of a receipt or a napkin. I research. When I have an issue to discuss with my doctor, I always do my research before I go.

Physically – Other than going to the gym to work out with machine, going for walks, I started doing yoga two years ago and getting better and better in my balancing on one foot.

Emotional – I enjoy listening to classical music and opera. My favorite is the 2-CDs with all the Adagios (slow movement) from great compositions. I do gardening as part of my emotional therapy; and let the beauty of nature flood my soul with delight.

Kinesthetically – I always like ceramic painting.  I took a ceramic painting class with my daughter one summer when she was nine years old. I love doing it even since.

Out of my routine, I found a SURPRISE and it delights my soul:

In the fall of 2015, I thought I would try to learn watercolor and drawing. These are the two things that I always want to do in my whole life but didn’t have time to do. There were so many priorities and deadlines to meet that I never thought of sitting down to draw or to paint.

I took beginning classes on both subjects last fall.

I seem to have good visual perception of proportion, contrast, space and relationship in drawing.

In watercolor, I seem to learn the techniques quickly: wet in wet, wet on dry, glazing, negative painting, painting in different values of the colors.

I surprised myself with the progress I made in both drawing and watercolor in the first three or four months of study! I did so well that I DARE to do a painting for my daughter and son-in-law’s 5th year anniversary in May 2016!