Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 58 – Survival & Life

Mt. St. Helens, Washington 2016, Photo credit – Mercy Rossi

Force of Volcano

Destruction of land and plants

Greater is life Pow’r

Survival of dense lava

Outburst beautiful flowers


Kiwinana at Ramblings of a Writer: 
Weekly Tanks Prompt Challenge: Week 58 – Survival & Life

Diligent Spider

Last five nights in a row, a spider spins his web outside the door of our side yard. We have spiders spinning webs everywhere. This particular spider anchors his web in a large area, then spins the biggest web I have yet to see. I tried my best to get the light from a good angle to capture the size of the web. I also include a poem written in October 2016.



A tiny spider

Labors every night

Spins his web, in

Perfect symmetry

Innate architect

He waits for his prey

A fly, a moth, a butterfly

Meal for the night

Reward for the labor

Before Dawn

Down his trap

Hides away

When night is nigh

He starts his day

Spins his web, again

Life’s Symphony


Life is a continuum of the Great Symphony

Adagio expresses soothing melody with sweet love

Melancholy inner sorrow of the soul

Maestoso pitches the triumph of the Great Spirit

The victory of a long and hard won battle

Fortissimo frees the shout from the depth of the heart

Proclaims the greatest joy ever told

Pianissimo whispers to your ears the faintest sob

Breathes the darkest secret only to you

Every now and then, comes the rest, and rest

Silence! What tranquility it is in our Life’s Symphony


Daily Prompt: Symphony

100 Word Wednesday Week 29 – Visit the Beach


Image by Bikurgurl

It is therapeutic to visit the beach

Toes in the sand, Ears to the waves

Eyes gaze at the horizon

Breathe in the fresh sea air


Power of salty air heals the lungs

Clears out the unwanted junks

Improves the respiratory system

Helps absorb oxygen, balance serotonin.


I so enjoy walking on the beach

It’s therapeutic to mine and soul

Chores left at home far behind

Enjoy the presence of high or low tide