Fine Arts

Wishpers & Echoes 2

Watercolor Painting

2016 Watercolor






2016 Drawings






Ceramic Painting

Throughout the years, I did several pieces of ceramic painting. I have a few collection of angels figurines; and that led me to painting angels. I like fairy tales, and I like pretty fairies. So I painted some fairies.

I did my very first piece from soft clay and molded it into a whale. I cut out the blow hole and the eyes. I also cut a hole at the bottom, so that I could put a light in the cavity of the whale. The light shines through the blow hole and the eyes. I made it as my daughter’s night light when she was a baby:


I painted several pieces of store bought green ware figurines. I needed to use tools to clean the dry clay, smoothed it, then painted it, had it fired. After that I glazed it, and had it fired again. The following pieces are done in this process:


Using the same process, I painted our wedding cake top:IMG_3306.ok

With this vase, I did something fancier. I cut out some holes to make it look like a real basket:


For other pieces, I painted on bisque which was already cleaned, smoothed, and fired. I only painted the colors and glazed them, and had them fired one last time:


This was the latest one I did on bisque as a valentine gift for my husband:


July 25, 2014


IMG_3181   IMG_3203 IMG_3209   IMG_3188   IMG_3191   IMG_3212

I enjoy gardening. It is a way for me to be in touch of the earth. I mean I like to get to the dirt bare handed without gloves on. I get splinters, but it’s nothing like the feeling of grabbing the dirt and mixing it with potting soil when I plant flower.

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