3010 Followers, Thank You!

Before midnight last night, my followers count turned 3000. I was too tired to let you know and give you my big HUGS and THANK YOU. Miriam

Even though I registered my WordPress account in July 2011, I didn’t get into blogging until July 29, 2016. Better later than never!

WordPress sent me the 6-year congrats. But I consider my blogging as ONE YEAR and eight days old.

Within this one year+, the number of posts I have made: 589

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From the bottom of my heart!

Our Love

Weekly Photo Challenge – Travel Satisfaction

Satisfaction 1

Most of our traveling experiences were to our satisfaction. My husband had more satisfaction in several of the diving trips. I don’t dive, so I went along as a time for relaxation.

Our family vacation to China was a great satisfaction. The tour company made all the arrangements for sightseeing, and we had our private van and driver.

I would say the trip to Spain last year to celebrate our anniversary was fantastic. We love the beautiful country and appreciate the outstanding architecture.

Satisfaction 2

Satisfaction 3

Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

My Turn

We just came back from a 10-day vacation.

“My Turn!” It is a long story. I am trying to put it in a capsule……

Year 1998, I was promoted from a classroom teacher to a school district administrator.

The package came with 12 work months, 22 vacation days and 10 personal or sick leave days.

My husband had his own business and a flexible schedule.

We started to do one major and several mini-travels a year.

My husband liked to pick destinations where he could go diving.

I don’t dive! I could do snorkeling.

After several diving vacations, I recommended taking turns to pick vacation destinations.

My husband made the last pick: Maui, Hawaii. It was our fourth visit!

This year is my turn! My choice was Spain.

It was a wonderful trip! We visited Madrid, Seville, Granada, Toledo, and Barcelona.

Oh, it was beyond wonderful, because we celebrated our wedding anniversary with Catalonian dinner and watched Dancing Fountains in Barcelona!

(More travel pictures will be posted.)