Thursday’s Special – Slow

Thursday’s special – Slow
“Slow is my choice of today’s photo Challenge……due to my holidays, you have three weeks to publish your responses. The deadline is 9 August.” – Paula Borkovic
The tranquility of serene water and quiet neighborhood at Laguna Lake
Slow trotting for the horse’s exercising
This family is in no hurry, fishing and enjoying the togetherness
Turtle -champion
Time is frozen for this slow in motion turtle

jupiter najnajnoviji

Paula at Lost in Translation: Thursday’s Special – Slow

Reflecting on the Reflection

Laguna Lake 1

Laguna Lake 2

Sitting by Laguna Lake, looking at the reflection in the water of the surrounding, made me reflecting on the life of the lake in the past twenty some years. Before 2004, a quarter of the lake was covered by Lotus patches. The Lotus flowers were gorgeous. Ducks used to lay eggs on the patches.

Laguna Lake is under the charge of Parks and Recreation Commission of City of Fullerton, California. In year 2004, the lake was undergoing a restoration project. In the midst of the project, a giant 4-foot-long, 100 pound turtle was discovered. Eventually the turtle was housed in Arboretum and then toured for exhibitions.

In September 2004, the lake was dredged, new irrigation system was installed. Humps of small rocks were built around the lake close to the dirt path for animals to rest on them.

Thirteen years into the new lake, life underneath and above the lake is abundant. a lot of activities on the dirt path also, such as running, jogging, walking, horseback riding, biking, baby strolling and fishing. The residences in Fullerton City and beyond enjoy the lake tremendously.

Laguna Lake 7

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

Thursday’s Special – Section

I discovered another lovely blog today – Paula’s “Lost In Translation” blog. She has a Thursday’s Special challenge.  The theme for his week is Section.

SECTION – segment, part, component, or in terms of photography a crop of a larger view. Have you ever taken a photo of something and then cropped it to add interest, to improve composition or to zoom in on something? – Paula

We went on the afternoon walk around Laguna Lake a few days ago. A pleasant surprise came before my sight. A mama duck was floating in the water with seven ducklings. The ducklings tend to stay very close to each other as well as trailing the mama duck. These were the youngest ducklings I’ve seen in the lake. In this post, I include two sets photos – two originals and two cropped photos of close-up on the ducklings.

Section duckings 1.

Section duckings 2.

Section duckings 3.

Section duckings 4

Paula at Lost in Translation: Thursday’s Special – Section

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Duck Duck Goose

I remember playing Duck Duck Goose as a child. We liked to play tricks to make the game fun to play.

Ducks! Ducks! We have the pleasure to watch the ducks doing all kinds of fun things while swimming in Laguna Lake where we go on our daily walk.




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Duck Duck Goose