August, 2016   Spain

Portland, Oregon – February, 2015

Maui Hawaii – October, 2014

Germany, Austria – April, 2013

China, Hong Kong – June, 2012

Maui, Hawaii – August, 2011

Our summer travel was at the end of August.  We went to Maui.  My husband and I got married in Maui on August 19, 1996.  We went back once in the following year, but we had not been back since then.  It was an exciting yet relaxing trip for us.  We stayed in Kihei.  It was a wonderful  trip!

Key West, Florida – January, 2011

Portland, Oregon – February, 2011

China, Bangkok – February, 2008

Portland, Oregon, Multnomah Fall – February, 2008

Anchorage Alaska – September, 2007

Vancouver, B.C.

January, 2007


May, 2006

North Carolina

September, 2005


March, 2005


February, 2004

Wyoming, Yellowstone

July, 2003


July, 2003


August, 2002












































16 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Lovely photos… I don’t keep such an extensive record (organized…that is – I have photos and some brochures…) . I did get to go to Maui for our 25th wedding anniversary. And I’ve also gotten to go to Italy. But mostly I travel in the states when my husband travels for his job – sometimes I get to go with him.

    Be safe on your travels. Cheers, Jules.

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    • Thank you, Jules. I’ll travel more on my own when I visit my granddaughter. We do have an Alaska revisit coming up, adding Denali trip that we missed last time! My husband had his business for 20 years. He traveled with me on my job many times, but got bored eventually because I had meetings all day!

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        • I do more creative writing after I retired. I was almost like a professional student – went to school off and on all my life, so just a lot of term papers. Then I also need to write a lot of report when I was working.
          Now I can relax and do some real writing (with my right brain). 🙂

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                  • If I ever figured out how to copy and paste and get photos off my camera card and into my computer…(I’ve got IBM…not mac/apple- so I have to get my hubby to help with that…) – and I don’t have a ‘smart phone’ either. I might have to create another blog 😉
                    I’d like to do haiga, which is haiku on art (photo, drawing)…

                    I do crochet (creating my own patterns with yard sale yarn – most of which I give away to charity, but I did make little lined handbags for my DIL’s bridesmaids), counted stitchery (my own designs as well), ploymer clay craft (some beads, small craft work – actually sold some… but I haven’t made enough to make a business for myself), some playing with paper arts including drawing in different mediums.

                    Just all takes time and setting priorities. At the moment writing everyday… and with other prompts for fiction is soothing. 🙂

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